Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Long Way to Go

After a lackluster effort against a Towson team from Maryland that nobody had ever heard of, things aren't looking very encouraging for the the LSU Tigers football team. Towson was a teat hat Coach Les Miles' Tigers were supposed to easily handle. Towson more than held their own against LSU and the game left many tiger fans thinking g that things could soon get gloomy for the Tigers, especially since they enter SEC play now for the rest of the season. That's right, there are no more weak teams that are scheduled for so called easy wins. the Tigers take a road trip to Gainsville, Florida to play the Florida Gators this coming Saturday. It promises to be a tough contest against a Gators team that is very much improved under their fiery Coach Will Muschamp.

The Tigers passing game is still struggling to get unleashed as the less than impressed announcers on ESPNU kept pointing out that LSU's passing attack ranks out of the top 100 for big time football schools. It's disappointing considering that LSU finally had gotten rid of Jordan Jefferson  and figured to be better with the big Zack Mettenberger nowadays the helm. Now there were a couple of bright things like a big downfield TD pass to Odell Beckham who has clearly become the number one WR target for Mettenberger. The jury however, is still definitely out on whether Mettneberger is the answer to help the Tigers break through and win a national championship that just barely eluded the last year. We'll see what happens at Florida to see what these guys are made of and whether they are worthy of their top five ranking.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Patrick Peterson taken 5th in the NFL Draft by Arizona Cardinals

How will Patrick Peterson look wearing red? We will soon find out as he was taken by the Arizona Cardinals with the 5th pick in the first round of the NFL Draft last night. According to ESPN analysts, the Cardinals did not necessarily have a glaring need in their defensive backfield but to the old "best athlete available" approach in drafting Peterson at number five as he was too good to pass up. ESPN's Gruden's only knock on Peterson was that he did not seeing him using his hands enough to get physical with receivers and bump them at the line of scrimmage. Peterson's athletic skills are off the charts and he graded very high at all the scouting combines. There is no reason to believe that Patrick Peterson will not have a stellar NFL career and may certainly be called on to be a return man some, at least early in his career. It will be inserting to see how things go for Peterson as he looks to establish himself as one of the NFL's best defensive players. Good luck Patrick! I know LSU fans will want to see you do well for yourself.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Game Recap and a look at the LSU quarterbacks

After watching bits and pieces of the LSU spring game on ESPN I was somewhat bored about the whole thing to be honest. I watched what appeared to me to be more of the same thing we've always seen from Jordan Jefferson. He was about average on his passing skills and an above average runner. It seems like unless Jefferson starts to screw up really badly, then he is the quarterback for this year. Jefferson will be called on to make the occasional throws he needs to and will complete enough of them to manage the game effectively.

Jarret Lee seems to be more of the same to. He was not that impressive and threw and interception as I recall. There's really no reason at this point to think that Lee will split time in a regular basis with Jefferson at quarterback during the season.

Of course, everyone wanted to see the new guy Mettenberger and what he could do. He's stands as a tall impressive figure in the pocket and opened the second half with a nice touchdown pass down field. After watching his performance it looked as that he is at least close to becoming the number two guy behind Jefferson. It appears though that Miles is loyal to his two seniors and for Mettenberger to get serious playing time in key situations appears unlikely at this point. Now, all this could change but based on Coach Miles past history it doesn't seem likely.

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